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Exotic Fragrances’ popular Essential Oils are 100% pure and uncut. Our selection of Essential Oils includes a variety of fragrances. Essential oils are available in various quantities and as Incense Oil, Scented Lotion, Scented Shea Butter, Scented Shea Body Wash, Reed Diffusers Scented Massage Oil and Scented Shower Gel.

Disclaimer: Essential oils are highly concentrated and should be used with respect and extreme care. Never take essential oils internally, or without the guidance of a professional aromatherapist. Always be cautious when using essential oils on children and during pregnancy. Store all essential oils out of reach of children. This guide should not be used for prescribing or diagnosing. It is not a substitute for professional medical attention. Consult a holistic doctor for treatment of health problems. Exotic Fragrances Inc. assumes no responsibility if you choose to prescribe for yourself without the approval of a licensed medical doctor.

Exotic Liquid Gold
Shower and Bath body moisturizer and skin rejuvenator.
This combination of 6 natural oils will leave your skin soft and glowy.
Moroccan Argan Oil + Jojoba Oil + Shea Butter Oil + Vitamin E oil + Organic Hemp Oil + Essential Neroli oil.

Use it during the shower and rinse it off with water.

100% Argan Oil (U) - Natural Extract
Argan oil helps heal damaged skin, reduces fine lines and wrinkles, strengthen elasticity and its high amount of Vitamin E helps skin to combat free radicals. It also promotes healthy soft hair and strong nails.

Invigorating, penetrating and balancing. Helps clear and open the energetic pathways of the body and mind. Helps alleviate grief and sorrow. Speeds physical and emotional healing processes. Excellent antiseptic properties. Great massage oil. Effective insect repellent. Balances the heart.

Jojoba Oil (Pure) (U) - Natural Extract
Jojoba Oil is excellent for moisturizing and nourishing your hair and skin. Just a few drops is all you need for healthy hair and skin. Collagen-like properties of jojoba oil improve skin health. Applied directly to the skin, Jojoba Oil reduces fine lines and wrinkles, soothes sunburns and treats psoriasis and acne.

One of the most gentle and versatile essential oil. Excellent for clearing negative aura. Brings clarity, peace of mind and emotional balance. Beneficial for respiratory problems. Helps alleviate headaches if massaged at the temple points. Has strong antiseptic quality. Great for cleaning and clearing crystals and gems. Great with children because of its gentleness.

Calming, brings clarity, peace of mind and emotional balance. Eases anxiety, depression, and confusion. A stimulant for the immune and nervous systems. Have antiseptic properties; aid in the healing of wounds. Regenerates skin cells, excellent for general skin care. Wonderful for aged skin. Repels insects.

Natural Grape Seed Oil@100%
This light oil is high in Vitamin E, linoleic acid (Omega 6) and essential fatty acids as well as antioxidants. It is great for massage use as it absorbs into the skin easily. It also has a slightly astringent nature which may help tone the skin.

Natural Hemp Oil@100%
A rich source of many of the fatty acids the skin uses and is particularly suitable for dry skin applications. Because of these features, the oil is an ideal ingredient for light body oils, and lipid enriched creams, lotions and soaps.

Peaceful and balancing. Comforting yet invigorating. Helpful for apathy or lethargy. Excellent for clearing negative energy from ones aura and environment. Assists healing and recuperative processes. Digestive stimulant. Used with massage, relaxes muscles.

The symbol of love. Elegant, romantic and enchanting. Awakens, inspires and brightens the heart. Relieves tension, depression, postnatal depression, sadness and grief. Especially soothing for children. Helps appease envy, jealousy and anger. Has a powerful tonic effect upon the circulation and nervous systems. Beneficial for the liver and gall bladder.

Exhilarating, penetrating and activating. Enhances mental clarity, concentration, memory and creativity. Promotes courage and determination. Rejuvenates the skin. Beneficial for the liver, gallbladder, immune and respiratory systems. Stimulates hair growth and is good for the scalp.

Tea Tree@15%
Known as the “Miracle Oil”. The single most effective and non-toxic antibacterial and anti-fungal essential oil. Stimulates the immune system; useful for assisting and speeding all healing processes. Anti viral properties aids in the healing of cold sores, cold and flu. Beneficial for the respiratory system; cold, flu, and asthma. A must for any first aids kit.

Vitamin E Oil
Vitamin E is a nutrient to the skin, is an antioxidant that helps neutralize free radicals. Applying a little bit of vitamin E on skin on a daily basis goes a long way.