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What is Jojoba Oil?
Jojoba Oil, which is odorless, is One of the world's best all around natural oils. It nourishes the skin like no other, effectively regardless of skin type. Jojoba penetrates quickly with extra moisturizing properties. The combination of minerals and vitamins, such as vitamin 6 makes lour skin silky and soft. Our natural Jojoba works wonders on a variety of skin conditions.

It is also a fine hair conditioner for hair after shampooing. Great for hands and nail treatments. The uses are many! Jojoba Oil is the best base for perfumes and for facial and scalp massage formulas. It only requires a few drops per application to release its many secrets. Native American women who wore known for their beautiful skin used Jojoba Our natural Jojoba Oil is cold pressed and has indefinite shelf life.

Use a few drops daily and over several days and watch the improvement as you massage Jojoba into affected areas and enjoy the benefits Jojoba Jojoba Oil is an effective gentle cleanser without soap. Jojoba Oil is used in sunscreens, oil in water emulsions for lotions and cream moisturizers and treatments for dry skin and damaged skin around the eye area.

Why Jojoba works!

A genuine resource that is safe for people as well as for the environment, The Jojoba Tree's efficient use of the sun's energy to convert air and water into pure liquid esters, combined with its ability to conserve 'water and prevent soil erosion, is stimulating worldwide publicity by ecologist. Nature has perfected only one ideal replacement for the, ester depletion of mature adult skin ........ It is Natural Jojoba Oil (Great as a carrier oil for all essential oils.)